Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just for You

Somehow we happen to be tied into a complicated dharma.
Everyday I owe you more. More than I can ever pay back.

Like the one or like just one of them,
I don't know whether it is OK to live like this.

after so many mistakes and even more break-ups,
you still stand there.

I know you are the only one who can make me live like a man.
I know I have to hold you tight not to regret. I know.

But I can see you're sighing over my rough thoughts and nervous eyes.
Maybe that will be end up more war than love.

I know I'm a risky, and I love you.
That's why I'm gonna leave you.

Just for you, I'm gonna leave.

- Sung by Jae Beum Yim (2000), written by J. E. Chae, poorly translated by Sajang Yang (2011)

p.s. Hi Mr. Yim, I'll pray for your family and your wife so that she can get well soon from her cancer.