Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It happens.

After many hours of yum update, my grub could not find the boot image. I didn't have Live DVD, and the only PC that has a DVD burner could not boot up. Yeah... Great!

After searching the whole of my CD/DVD collection, I could find RHEL3 that I made a copy 5 years ago "just in case". I installed RHEL3, downloaded FC12 iso image, and burned a CD using 'cdrecord' command. Thanks, God!

I could install again FC12. You know what? I tried the yum update again with 'yum -y update'. It's finished after so many hours. I tried to reboot; Grub could find the boot image, but this time it could not reboot with the updated image.

I selected the old kernel to reboot. After the booting, I edited the grub.conf file to select the old kernel statically. Everything works fine so far. And as of today, I have "nothing to update".


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hmm... the first post

Hmm... it's been a long time to write something over the wire. I don't think that anybody still remembers me, but I've been known as YangSaJang at ATM BBS of the NetManias (, and now the NetManias is almost obsolete.

The id Yangsajang is already assigned to somebody else in Google. I switched my id from yangsajang to SajangYang. ... kind of western style... T.T

Anyway, I created an e-mail and a blog account after the mid night of Sunday. It's already Monday of March, 29.

It's a great feeling that I have something that I'm going to do.