Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It happens.

After many hours of yum update, my grub could not find the boot image. I didn't have Live DVD, and the only PC that has a DVD burner could not boot up. Yeah... Great!

After searching the whole of my CD/DVD collection, I could find RHEL3 that I made a copy 5 years ago "just in case". I installed RHEL3, downloaded FC12 iso image, and burned a CD using 'cdrecord' command. Thanks, God!

I could install again FC12. You know what? I tried the yum update again with 'yum -y update'. It's finished after so many hours. I tried to reboot; Grub could find the boot image, but this time it could not reboot with the updated image.

I selected the old kernel to reboot. After the booting, I edited the grub.conf file to select the old kernel statically. Everything works fine so far. And as of today, I have "nothing to update".


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